Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Beautification


Did some work on making my Blog more my personality.  Thanks to Shabby Blogs I now have a more attractive site.  You should check it out they have some great stuff.  I hope you enjoy the changes. 

I also added a widget for my newly opened Etsy Store.  Only one item so far but hope to get more in soon.  As with all new things the learning curve is painful.  I really feel lucky just to get the store setup and one item listed.  LOL  The process was fairly easy but still time consuming once you have to setup your profile, etc.  My OCD probably didn't help either.  LOL

Was a crazy weekend of sorting craft stuff.  I found stuff I didn't even remember owning.  LOL Of course, not all is put in the proper places yet but do have most of it sorted out.  Still think I have one box of stuff in one of my other closets but gave out before it got brought upstairs and sorted.

This has room remodel has been a loooonnnggg process.  Just think it all started with a desk.  LOL

Now I am sitting here typing away to you when I should be in bed because tomorrow is a work day and I am so going to regret staying up so late.  0600 will come before I know it so going to make this a short one tonight......

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