Monday, April 16, 2012

Craft Room Makeover Continues

Hello All!

Knee deep in craft stuff.  While some progress has been made, I still have a loooonnnng way to go before I can start card making again.  The last part of my desk arrived last week.  I have never been so sick of cardboard boxes and Styrofoam in my whole life.  LOL  It will takes weeks to get it all put out for the trash.  Although, I think my Mom gets some pleasure out of cutting up boxes.  Not sure it might be therapy.  ; )

I am so ready to craft and have already picked out my first project but I am determined to get the room more organized before beginning out of fear I won't finish. 

I have areas now designated for ongoing projects. 

Lego Area The small desk I just received is dedicated to my Lego building.  I have all my spare parts, blocks, instruction book, etc all together in one place.  I have found some really cool ways to organize all the instruction manuals.  Which I found, of course, on Pinterest.  LOL Check it out!

All boxes are neatly stored in the attic in case I decide to resale any of them in the future.  Some of the prices on Ebay for Lego sets is astounding. 

This area of course is still a work in progress.  I currently have a Lego set underway but sadly it to has been put on hold. 

Lego 10197 Fire Brigade.

I have the first floor done.  I love these modular building that Lego puts out now.  I would recommend them highly to any Lego fan.  I have built several others which I am sure I will share with everyone later.

Back to the craft room, my second area is my Computer Area which is setup with my computer, scanner and printer and will be my Genealogy research area for working on my family tree.  This project has been underway for about a year.  I have recently been on hiatus from working on it but with the 1940 Census coming out this month I am planning on getting back to work on it soon.  This area will also serve all my area to fulfill my Pinterest addiction and general web surfing

The third area, is my large craft table which will be used for Cutting Area where I will be able to keep my paper cutters, die cutter, punch, etc.  All those things you can't do sitting down.  I absolutely love my table.  The top folds out of both side to make one huge table or can be folded on one side or the other to make a smaller table.  When not in use both side fold up so it is about the size of a large sofa table.  I got it at Staples years ago and sadly they no longer carry it. 

Staples Apothecary Flip-Top Project Table, Mahogany Finish - Crafted from wood and wood veneers with a mahogany finish. One storage drawer and two leaves (with retractable supports) that fold out for additional workspace Open: 36"H x 48"W x 48"D 
Closed: 36-7/8"H x 48"W x 24"D
The last area will be Craft Area which I will use as my main work area for construction of cards, stamping all of the those things you can do sitting down (the best part).  I love stamping and using various methods for coloring the picture once it is stamped.  I will try anything once.  LOL  I love using watercolors whether it be pencils or the old fashion water color sets.  I will use markers, Copic markers, chalk pencils, etc. I do embossing or stamping with bleach.  I just depends on what fancies me at the moment.  

This is the area that still has the most mess left.  I have so much stuff that have accumulated over the years I am not even sure what I have anymore.  So in the interest of organization, I am trying to go through everything and organize what I want to keep and trash what I don't need anymore.  

As you can tell, this will be a long painful process.  LOL : (

It is probably about time for another Kitty Story also.  My next cat was Penny Renee'.  She was the best thing I ever got at Target.  LOL  Stay tuned for more..............

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