Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Craft Project - Mini Book

Well, I finally did it! Got to craft in my newly remodeled craft room!

Is it completely cleaned up and organized? NO!  LOL  I just simply could wait no longer.  I had found a Mini Book Tutorial will surfing Pinterest one day and it has been on my mind ever since.  I knew this would be my first project in my newly remodeled craft room. 

Here is the website and information on my inspiration. I would highly recommend this blog if you are interested in bookbinding.

I made my prototype using these instructions.  It came out OK but was a definitely a learning experience in the need for planning ahead on this project.  Once you figure out the basics this is fun and easy to do

So here is my prototype. 

Prototype (Front)
Prototype (Back)
I used a piece of copy paper and some origami paper to make it.  It helps me to make a prototype when I am doing something I have never done before.  It is also good for helping you decide what stamps to use and the color schemes.

Some of the valuable lessons learned while doing this one was that an even number of pages works best.  It helps with the layout and how the book opens and presents itself. 

Also, you pretty much are limited to the size of paper on how long your book is so plan accordingly.  At the time, I didn't like how this one laid out but now in hindsight looking at the picture the page layout does appear to work.  Sometimes, you have to step back and take a look at something with fresh eyes.   

If you plan to do any coloring with markers, etc. on your stamps; the thinner paper will cause a bleed through on the paper and show on the back side of the book.  You can see this in the picture of the back. 

My OCD will not allow this. LOL

Now with the prototype finished it was much easier for me to plan my next move.

I have always been partial to the distressed look and armed with a new pad of paper from 7 Gypsies, I set out to make a distressed version.

My Little Distressed Book (Front Cover)
THE PLAN: Because the paper I was using was only 8X8, I had to limit myself to four pages.  Two would be the inside pages for the front and back book covers and two would be the middle.  The paper I picked was interesting because one side was lines like a journal page and the back side had some floral which I though made a nice front and back book cover.  I loved the way the boxed stamps looked from my prototype so I picked two that match the theme of my book which was 'Thinking of You'.  Also, liking the way the mixed words on the prototype turned out, I elected to use that technique on the inside page of the front and back covers. 
My Little Distressed Book (Inside Pages)
IMPLEMENTATION: I first measure the height of the boxed stamp, cut the paper just a little wider and folded my paper forming the four pages.  Cutting and folding prior to stamping makes it easier to align the stamps correctly on the page.  Also, to help see the folds I distressed the edges which added a nice touch to the book while helping me with stamp placement. This is especially important if you are stamping different images on each page. 

With the pages now cut and folded, I decided to stamp my mixed words for the inside cover pages directly on the paper itself.  I did of course do a test stamp on some scrap paper to make sure the words stood out well with the background.  My OCD again. LOL Using the Sepia ink to stamp them matched perfectly with the background and they were clear as a bell.  I also added some flowers and heart stamps randomly on the middle pages to give them a little character.   

Now for the main stamps on the middle pages, I chose to stamp on a piece of parchment paper first.  This made little panels and would add some dimension to the page.  It would also alleviated the bleed through problem when I colored the stamp image.  Whew, one problem solved. LOL  To distress the edges of the panel, I used the Memento and Color Box ink by stamping some of the both colors on some wax paper then with a small piece of crumbled up wax paper began distressing the edge of the parchment paper.  I also used my Copic makers to add some color to the stamped images.  When I was happy with the look I adhered the stamped panels to the book pages with a glue runner.  Using this instead of regular glue kept the pages from warping. 

The covers were made from some cardboard I had from one of my paper packages.  For the book covers, I simply choose some of the interesting parts of the paper I was using and adhered it to the cardboard with glue.  I then attached the book pages to the front and back cover with runner tape.  I tied the cover together using twine and added a heart charm to embellish it with. 

The final results I think are incredible and I already have ideas for making some more of these cute little books!  This was a fun project and I would recommend you try it!
My Little Distressed Book (Front)

My Little Distressed Book (Back)

The supplies I used:
  • 7 Gypsies 'Lille' Paper
  • Southworth Fine Parchment Paper
  • Archival Ink-Sepia
  • Memento Stamp Pads-Dandelion and Rhubarb Stalk
  • Color Box Stamp Pad-Bronze
  • Twine
  • Cardboard from back a package of paper
  • Heart Charm
  • Copic Pen Colors
    • Y08-Acid Yellow
    • Y02-Canary Yellow
    • BV02-Prune
    • R24-Prawn
    • G21-Lime Green
  • Stamps

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