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The Story of Priscilla Marie Louise

     The story of Pris started in 1987.  We had a funny start to our lives together.  I found her in a pet store at our local mall and she was just so cute.  When I got home from shopping just couldn't get her off my mind so I decided it was time to get my first kitty.  In all of the excitement of going back to the mall, I walk out of the house and forget my keys.  So I can't go in and I can't get in the car.  Fortunately, my mother had a set of keys so I had to call her to come let me in the house.  LOL  I was just in a panic because I was afraid someone would buy her before I got back.   

     But I did finally make it to the store and picked her up.  From day one she was spoiled rotten.  She had anything a kitten could want.  Her own fish, her own Xmas tree to roll all over the floor.....  Whether she was hanging from the light over the kitchen tape or from the curtains I was totally smitten with this little kitty.

     When I decided to have her declawed (for her own safety LOL), she of course had both her Mom and Grandma taking care of her.  She never lifted a paw during her recovery.  In fact, this is about the time she acquired her taste for McDonald's Milk Shakes.  LOL  She slept in a baby play pin and feasted on all the delicacies that came into the house.  Needless to say she was more spoiled than ever now.

     She definitely ruled the roost.  She and I over the years went through many happy and sad times.  While still young she and l lived through a baseball size hail storm, buying our first new car, buying our first house, a marriage and so much more.

     Every year on her birthday we had a party complete with cake, party hats and presents.  She always tolerated these gatherings but so learn to live with them.

     She had baskets at Easter and Halloween.  She always would pose for pictures.  LOL

     She had her own box of leaves (she wasn't allowed outside) and even a card board kitty.

     She loved to sleep in the sink.  I really think she thought she was hidden.

     She also had her own makeup brush.  She loved this thing.  She would grab it by the bristles with her teeth and throw it in the air.  It was actually kind of dangerous for things around her.  I got hit by it more than once.  LOL At times I would take it away from her but so would go to any measures to get it back.  All I had to say was where is your brushy and she would go find it. LOL

     Around 1990, when I got married she also learned her toughest lesson of all.  She was not the only kitty on the planet.  LOL  Needless to say, SHE WAS NOT A HAPPY KITTY.........

     My husband had a cat name Prudence who came to live with us and I had found a little kitten at Target one day.  So all of a sudden Pris now had not one but two step sisters.    For days, Pris would not leave the bathroom cabinet.  She growled; she hissed; she spit and sputtered.  Not only had some man moved into her home he had brought along so low class kitties that invaded her turf and had the nerve to use her litter box.

     In all her years, she seen lots of cats come and go from her house but she always knew she was Number 1 no matter what.

     She was never a cuddle cat but she was always where I was and helped me do everything I did.

     After a divorce, Pris was finally rid of the man that infested her home.  LOL  By Xmas of 2002, she had learned to be more and more tolerate of her kitty housemates.

     At this time, I also had one outdoor cat who had unbeknownst to me been infected with FIP from a neighbors cats who they let run outside knowing he was infected.  With this the FIP made it into the house.  Pris and several of the other kitties became infected but not symptomatic.  The cats were split up in different areas when the testing was done.  Pris and her roommates where infected as well as two of the other rooms.

     Pris being a health kitty was able to live with this to a long a happy life.  Some of my other kitties were not so lucky.  In May of 2003, the worst thing that could possible every happen was our home was hit by a F4 Tornado.  The house was severely damaged.  My ex stepped in and took in my kitties while I had the house rebuilt but Pris went to live with her Grandma.  This started a whole new level of spoiling.  LOL

     By this time, she was getting pretty old and her Grandma had made steps up to the bed and the chair and the window.  LOL Pris got served shaved ham for dinner and anything else she wanted.  She was definitely eating it up.  As the days went along, she would have good days and bad.  But she was still my Pris Marie Louise.

     In the end, she had lost her sight and was not eating so the decision every animal lover hates to make was made.  My Mom and I took her to the vet and as with all my kitties I told her the story of blue skies, trees to climb and grass to play in.  Butterflies to chase.  Safe and free for all eternity.  Never to be sick and always happy with all the can cat food she could eat.  She went to sleep in my arms; the last time I would ever be able to hold my baby.

     Pris was three months away from being 22 years old.  She was of legal catnip age and she had stayed with us as long as she could.  I still miss that girl and think of her often.  Being 22 years old was a remarkable feat considering she carried FIP, lived through a major hail storm and a tornado, and most importantly survived living with all those other cats that invaded her house.  LOL

     Her long life is also thanks to her Grandma.  She took the best care of her giving her Pepto when her stomach was upset and going to the store and buying the shaved ham when she won't eat anything else.

     I have her picture on my desk at work and at home.  She was a one of a kind cat; but then they all are.  She is buried at my Mom's house by the pond and I know I will see her again when we met in our next life.

Priscilla Marie Louise
September 3, 1987 - July 26, 2009

I stress to all animal lovers who take in cats, test for not only Feline Leukemia (FeLV) but also for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).  I never knew it existed until it was too late and I lost a lot of good kitties to the incurable disease.   

I have posted two links to information about both:

Good Night! And don't let the bed bugs bite!

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