Saturday, April 7, 2012

Working on Craft Room

Been busy, busy, busy remodeling my craft room....

Just got a wonderful desk from Pottery Barn.  Received first four pieces Thursday and second four yesterday.  Still one to go and wouldn't you know the most important piece is the last to come.  The corner desktop.   LOL  :P

The new desk choice happened very quickly and very unexpectedly.  I have been looking for some time to replace the folding tables I am currently using and to give me the workspace I needed and the organization for my supplies my OCD demands.  

I can truly blame this purchase on my hair lady, Bettina.  LOL 

The last time I was getting my hair done, she told me that I should check out Pinterest.  I told her that I had never heard of it before.  Oh, you will love it she says!  You must check it out!  They have all kinds of nail art she goes on to say.  I will just send you an invite she helpfully adds.  Well, needless to say one visit and I was addicted!  How fun is it to surf the web without needing to do all the work.  LOL  I found so many cute things to craft, etc. I was hooked!!!! I find myself flipping through those wonderful PIN's all the time. I will wake up in the night to use the restroom and take a smoke and find myself scrolling through the pages.  (That is just plain crazy!) Note to self -- be sure to thank Bettina for my dark circles during the day!

Needless to say, I ran across a PIN to the most wonderful craft room.  It was so me!  Everything organized right down to the labels.  (I love label makers!)  It had a place for everything and everything was in its place.  I thought I had gone to heaven.  My OCD is so strong that when my friend comes over to craft she is afraid of which scissors is the paper scissors and putting things up totally puts her in a panic.  (And this was when my craft room was in my kitchen/dinning room. So you can imagine if I had a dedicated craft room.)  She will also tell everyone about this too. What are friends for? :)

The website that I got my inspiration from is:

P.S.    She has a wonderful blog you should check it out.

This room is going to be the template to mine.  She describes all the furniture and items she uses in her room wonderfully right down to links to the items. Who wouldn't drool over her set of COPIC markers.  These are the best markers I have ever found for colorizing your stamped images. 

The more I looked at these pictures the more I wanted the desk and this room!  So out comes the measuring tape and the "Thinking/Planning Phase" began.  LOL  I must say sometimes this phase of new furniture purchase can take months to complete. I think a lot before purchasing because once I buy something I will keep it forever.  I am not good with change and don't rearrange my furniture once it is in place.  But the more I looked at this desk the more I loved it so off to Pottery Barn to check it out in person.  The moment I set eyes on it I knew it was for me.....

The Bedford Collection

Came home that night and ordered the rectangle desktop, corner desktop and four cabinets (two open shelves, one CPU Cabinet and one three drawer).  The "Do I Have the Money to Buy This Phase" was really short.  Hey, it is on sale and they are giving you a discount on delivery.  Also the icing on the cake, with their credit card you get no interest for 12 months.  How great is that!!!! Can't pass up a good deal.  LOL

Delivery was scheduled for Thursday on the first pieces and Friday for the second delivery.  Fortunately for me, I was struck Thursday morning with a severe sinus headache causing me to be forced to call in sick to work.  LOL  Having already scheduled Friday off for hair appt (at which time I was going to discuss with Bettina her guilt in all of this!) would leave me a nice long weekend to play in my craft room.  Still the fate of the Corner Desktop hung in the ballots.  It was back order and was scheduled to ship on Thursday but it had shipped a day ahead of schedule so was hoping it would arrive on Friday.  

When first pieces arrived, I knew I had made the right choice.  I love furniture you don't have to assemble!  LOL  It was built sturdy and will last for a lifetime.  The second delivery reinforced that I had indeed made the correct choice but unfortunately while the corner desktop did make it into town on Friday it had to spend the weekend at UPS.  : (

As the pieces started to arrive, the next problem was getting them to my craft room which is a bonus room over my garage.  I rose from my "death bed" and enlisted my Mom for the move.  (My boyfriend being conveniently at work!)  That is when I realized I am not as young as I use to be and it is embarrassing to be out worked by your 75+ year old mother.  LOL  We did manage to get it all upstairs with a lot of break in between pieces working both Thursday and Friday.  (Could have used supplementary oxygen!).  Note to self -- need to smoke less, go on a diet and get more exercise!

So for now, craft room is still a work in progress Corner desktop will come on Monday.  Room is a mess can hardly get the remote to change the channel on the cable box.  Unfortunately, I will have to go to work on Monday too.  But my Mom and my devious little minds are already working on a planned emergency call that I of course will need me to come home early.  LOL

It is amazing how something like a new desk can put in the the best frame of mind.  

Will keep you updated on status and include pictures when I get done.  

I did tell Bettina what she had done and her response was "Your Welcome!" and she giggled.  I now also blame her for my Pottery Barn addiction!  But I didn't forgive her after all she is a wonderful hair stylist and she often has scissors really close to my hair.  LOL

I should also mention, I am considering buying another set to go with my desk.  They also have a small desktop that goes with this collection.  LOL : )

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