Thursday, May 10, 2012

What is going on in my world!


Have been on vacation all week crafting away.  Going to try to catch up on posting some of the cards and journals I have been making.  Will provide brief description of some of the interesting materials I have used.  Most of the inspiration for my cards have been from StampTV or You Tube.  There are some way smarter people than I out there creating beautiful cards.  Will try to supply links to the videos I got my ideas from.  I have started listing my journals on Etsy if anyone is interested in owning one.

But I guess since I am mostly just talking to myself on here.  LOL Guess I already own several.  This is still a good place to keep a record of my cards I make and tell the stories of my kitties and critters.

This is what the puppies have been doing while I have been on vacation.  LOL

Hopefully, I will get some of the card pictures posted tonight!!!!!!!!

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