Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Days with Dina Wakley at My Heart's Fancy!!! Part 1


I just spent two wonderful days at My Heart's Fancy learning from the very talented Dina Wakley!  It was an amazing experience. I have taken one other class with her last year and so enjoyed it that when she came visiting our local store I couldn't resist taking all four (yes I said FOUR) classes she was doing.

Did I already say the word AMAZING!!!! It was fun, messy, inspiring and tiring! The rules were easy no moaning and no thinking! Well, I probably am guilty of doing a little of both although I hid it well because I wasn't eager for the punishment.  LOL

I have so much to tell and show from these four AMAZING classes that I will probably do several blogs today on this.  Ooops, did I say AMAZING again!

Well, enough chatter lets get right to it!  I would recommend to anyone who has a chance to take any of Dina's classes to just DO IT!  She is so talented and the knowledge she shares will only make you a better scrapbooker, altered art doer or what ever you do.  She teaches you colors and how not to make mud! And you have done it so just go ahead and admit it! LOL I chattered some more.

If you aren't familiar with Dina check out her web pages. 

Dina Wakley

A great picture of Maura the shop owner at My Heart's Fancy!! Lisa Bruno was lurking around the shop to.  She is their talented instructor but a wee bit camera shy. Many thanks to both of them for keeping me going for two days! A great shop and if you are ever in Edmond, OK you should stop in and visit....

My Heart's Fancy

Love, love, love this shop!!!!

The first class I took was 'Graffiti of my Life.  She also offers this as a online class too!  What a inky messy fun time.  Don't forget your apron on this one!!!!! This three hours class just fly by! We used acrylics, spray inks, stencils and everything but the kitchen sink on this one.  Once we were finished we created a small journal that was a wonderful keepsake.

Now I am usual the dark colors, distress kind of gal but on this one decided to go outside of my box with bright cheery colors.  So out came the pinks, oranges and yellows! I was so super conscious of my ability to make mud that I was hesitate on color choice.  A color wheel is your friend!!! But with some encouragement and instructions I manage to stay bright and not muddy.

Here is some of the pages from the inside....yes it is still a work in process but I have a wonderful foundation to build on!!!! 

Who doesn't love ripping paper....LOL
Now cutting shapes....well I have to stick with the basics.  Hearts, stars, and circles that always look more oval than round.

That heart looks like a kite.

I so love that stencil I used.......

Not sure what was going on in my head with that star and those circles....


Always remember to use the negative as a positive!

Those hearts are going to turn into wings for something; I just know it...... i can sort of do a diamond....

You always see so much in your project the next day when you step back and really take a look at your project. 

I always seem to like my projects better the next day.  Maybe it is because you get so wrapped up in the making you forget to really look at it.  I believe it is always best to distance yourself from things for a bit and then go back to them. You will see so much more life in your art.

Well, that is is for the first to spend some time with my Mom on Mother's Day!  Hope all the Mom's out there have a great day!!!!!!!

See you later for the next part of my blogs on my two day's of inky bliss with Dina!!!!

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