Monday, May 13, 2013

Two Days with Dina Wakley at My Heart's Fancy!!! Part 3


Another day of my adventure.....

Day 2 started with 'Facing the Facts'. I really wanted this class because I love Dina's face in her art work and wanted to be able to do that also. Now she said at the beginning of class that anyone can draw if you practice, have some basic techniques and a reference. Well, I was skeptical but still open to the process. I should also mention the rules were still being enforced on the moaning and thinking...LOL So I hid all of my misgivings well.

The first thing she did was have us draw a face. Well to say the least I do believe mine was a cross between a cat and an alien on drugs. LOL

I am almost too embarrassed to show my first one but I will be brave. Hopefully by showing mine you will know that anyone can draw a face....

After a little instruction we started the second face and with each bit of info it was drawn and I must say a great improvement was made.

The thing that stuck with me is have a reference to look at; don't expect yourself to be able to full your drawing out of thin air.

And never stop trying because drawing is a learn process for some while a gift to others.

Dina said the key to this is practice, practice, practice and I have made it my goal to continue to draw faces and these where the first things I proudly taped in my art journal (I should confess that my art journal has been sitting on a shelf in my craft room unused for almost a year).

I was actual impressed with mine. This is another class I would highly recommend because you can draw if you are willing to just try.  I am also going to make it a rule that while I can't do one a day; I will attempt to do at least one a week in my journal and hopefully by the end I will have a record of my improvements.  I think it will be fun to look back over the evolution of my face painting abilities........

Note to self try to eliminate giraffe neck on future faces. LOL

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