Monday, June 10, 2013

OMG...I saw Tim Holtz and Mario!!!! in Arlington, TX


OMG, it finally happened! I saw Tim Holtz and Mario with my own eyes! What great guys and so much talent.

A friend and I attended the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, TX on Friday.  This was my first convention and WOW there is a lot of stuff to chose from.  I must say when we walked in the door it was a wee bit overwhelming.  We really did try to be systematic with the way we conquered this show but my main goal was to see Tim Holtz.  So when we rounded the corner of one aisle and I spotted their booth that was it.  LOL I never made it any further. 

Just watching him make tags is so inspiring and you can tell just with the way he interacts with the crowd that he is such a nice guy.

The crowd was deep around this guy.  LOL Everyone loves him.  He really is a Rock Star of the crafting world.

My friend and I even managed to get in this pic taken by Mario and posted on their FaceBook page!

Yes, the Crazy Cat Lady is hiding in this picture somewhere.  LOL

Mario, what can you say about this guy.  He is the front man and he does it well.  Friendly, kind and more than willing to take a moment to chat with you. 

I was in total awe of these two guys.

My friend did help me with getting my apron signed by both of them.  LOL I can be a bit shy around strangers and especially 'Rock Stars'.  : )

Everyone at the Stampers Anonymous booth were great and helpful.  I spent a ton of money and will love every minute of crafting with my haul.  I just wanted one of everything. 

There is my apron in the hands of Mario.  He was such a ham and I loved every minute of it.

I did get my picture with him but as with all things wouldn't you know that was the one that would come out blurry.  LOL  No matter I still got to hug Mario!!!! 

Tim doing his Magic! So much fun to watch!  You can also spy Mario in the background running the cash register.

Another, Tim Holtz masterpiece.


He is actually signed my apron!!! 

And there it is! Mission complete! Another autograph for my apron.  I had such a great time and could have stood there forever watching him make magic.

This was a real good convention.  Wendy Vecchi was also demoing at the Stampers Anonymous booth and I got to visit with her again.  What a great lady!

Some of the other booths I visited where Heartfelt Creations (wonderful stamps and dies to match), Stamps by Judith & Heather (another great place for stamps) and Melissa Frances.

A few words of wisdom if you ever decide to go to a convention.  First, they are dangerous places for the wallet.  There is so much merchandise at these shows and it is very easy to buy everything you put your hands on.  Unless you have unlimited funds to buy with, I would suggest going in with a allotted amount of money to spend (and I would take cash and leave the plastic at home because even with the best intentions you will pull it out) and check the vendor listing before shopping to ensure that the booths you want to visit the most are done first.  It is very easy to be overwhelmed by all the merchandise.  Also, make sure you camera or phone is fully charged.  All the booth have wonderful examples of their products in use and the inspiration you see will be forgotten without a picture of it.  The most important thing is to enjoy the experience.  I am so glad I attended and will do a convention again.

Happy Paper Cutting!!

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