Sunday, June 9, 2013

On the road for some Crazy Crafting Fun!!


Been quite a whirlwind couple of weeks for me! I have been on the road more than at my craft desk which is unusual for this crazy crafter.  Last weekend I was off to The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, TX to attend a Ranger Techniques class given by Wendy Vecchi and this week I headed back to Arlington, TX to attend Stitch Craft Create Live to see the amazing Tim Holtz.

So I will start the story at the beginning, we have been having CRAZY weather here in Oklahoma.  It has been storming the better part of the last two weeks and as most people know we have witnessed our share of tornadoes, winds and hail.  I have had many close calls and am happy to say I survived this spring so far with no damage.  I planned these trips weeks in advance and you can only hope for smooth sailing when the time come to leave.  But these were not easy ones and I must say I had to fight every inch of the way to manage to make it to both places and survive the spring weather.

I barely managed to get to my class with Wendy and only by the grace of Mother Nature and the luck of someone moving out of one class to another did I get there. I was scheduled to go on Friday with my class being on Saturday but we had a huge storm blow in on Friday night causing me to not be able to leave as planned.  At this point I thought all hope was lost.  I had cancelled hotel reservations and sadly notified the store I wouldn't be able to attend.  Exhausted from a night of storm worrying and trip fretting I went to bed totally discouraged.  When I woke up the that morning, amazingly enough I had a message on my cell from Carolyn the nice owner of The Crafty Scrapper.  She told me a lady in Sunday's class moved to Saturday leaving a opening and a glimmer of hope.  So bags got repacked, hotel got reserved, puppy sitter rescheduled and I jumped in the truck to make the trip.

I can't say what an amazing class it was.  Wendy Vecchi is an amazing artist and her Studio 490 stamps and products are wonderful.  I had some of her stamps previously but needless to say to have so many more now!  LOL  This class was setup much like they do Ranger U and it was fast paced crazy fun! Learned so much and have such a great appreciation for Wendy and how she has setup her products to work so well with each other. She had alot of her stamps there and they are so cool.  I love her sayings and her art and if you aren't familiar with her stuff you really need to check it out...

I have a few pictures to share from class but not many.  There was very little time for picture taking.  LOL

Here are some of Wendy's projects.  They are just amazing!

And here are the tags I made in class.  We did 21 tags in seven hours.  It was CRAZY!!! I can only image how Ranger U would be.

Tags 1 - 3: Distress Metallic Paints, Blending with Distress Inks and Stamping with Water.   

Yes, stamping with water was so incredible you really must try it!  Love, love, love this effect and something I will now use a lot.

Who doesn't love the Bee stamps!!!!
Tags 4 - 6: Perfect Pearls Mist Stamping, Distress Pad and Water Dragging and Inking Embossed Surfaces. I admit I am not genius when it comes to dragging my tags through ink on the craft sheet. This is something Tim Holtz and Wendy do with great success but you know mine look like muddy crap.  LOL  I was impressed that mine even turned out well enough I wasn't ashamed to share it with you.

I wish you could see the glimmer on the Perfect Pearl stamping tag.  It is gorgeous!

Tags 7 - 9: Spritz & Flick, Burnt Edges and Ghost/Faux Bleach Stamping.

Who would have know you could use a stamp pad to make a bleach effect.  How many of you out there including me have suffered through the Clorox smell to get this effect!!!

Yes, the little man stamp was a new favorite.  LOL

Tags 10 - 12: Distress Stain/Perfect Pearls Background, Distress Staining Art Parts and Distress Stain Watercolors.

Yes, more dragging.  LOL Not much better than first time.

Amazing use of Distress Stains to give watercolor effects.
Tags 13 - 15: Alcohol Ink Surface, Alcohol Ink Backgrounds and Distress Paint Backgrounds.

Love Clearly for Arts plastic sheets.  You just heat it and shape.  If you don't like the shape heat with heat tool and start again.  So easy!  The flower is made using it.

Alcohol Inks aren't my favorite because I mostly end up making a mess with it but learned some really cool stuff to do with it.

More dragging on the last tag, I do think I might be getting better at it.  LOL  Practice makes perfect.

Tags 16 - 18: Distress Rock Candy Crackle, Textured Embossing and Fine Detail Embossing.

Love the crackle effect.  I just don't use this enough.  

Tag 19 - 20 plus a Bonus: Selective Embossing, Altering Art Parts and Embossing Paste.

Embossing Paste, I must say this stuff is great.  Wendy has it in white, black and gold.  This is a must buy and try!

I had a great time in this class and would highly recommend it to you if you ever get a chance to attend.  Wendy is a sweet lady and so talented! She has so much information to share and wonderful products.

Many Thanks to her for sharing.

Another autograph for my apron!!!!

I will tell of my adventure in Arlington in my next post......

Happy Paper Cutting!!

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