Saturday, August 17, 2013

OMG! I have been PUBLISHED!


I am over the top excited to be published for the first time in Somerset Studio Sep/Oct 2013 issue.  My Happy Hauntings Clock Tower is featured on page 124. 

I knew that the magazine had hit my local shop and was feeling blue that I hadn't heard anything from Somerset that I was in it.  To my surprise when I checked the mail today I found a gray plastic wrapped magazine.  I ripped that puppy open and there it was; my complimentary issue with a note I had been published!!!!!  Needless to say there was some screaming and excited jumping up and down.  Well, as much as you can do in the car.  LOL

Click here to see my post where I submitted.   It has more pictures of the clock tower.

I am so thankful to Somerset Studio for choosing my project to put in their magazine. 

Happy Paper Cutting!

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